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Fling.com 2012-02-24 10:02:34 Morgan Clear
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"Fake profile, Fake Messages – Stay Away!"


The Good: Nothing to mention
The Bad: Very explicit pics and videos; Buggy website; fake profiles; fake messages; reported unauthorized billings and difficulties to cancel accounts
The Bottom Line: We recommend you to stay away from this website. See our top 10 ranking for better online dating options.
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February 24, 2012
Last updated:
February 24, 2012

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Find a Fling?

Fling is a website with the concept of introducing people in your local area who want a fling, eg a sexual connection. You can look for a one-time thing, for a longer sexual affair, for a friends-with-benefits kind of deal, etc etc. The site is open to people of all ages and orientations, heterosexuals, gays, transsexuals, and couples.

Technically, Fling is a free dating site, however most actions require a paid upgrade, even the simple fact of viewing profiles, which is unusual. Of course communication with users is impossible without a paid membership as well.

Racy Pics and Videos

Looking around the website, we found that it had quite a lot of adult content. Many of the user pictures were racy - lots of people naked and even pictures and videos of couples actually having sex. This is to be expected on a website connecting people for sexual fun. But let’s just say here that Fling is not for the conservative or the timid.

Fake profile, Fake Messages – Stay Away!

A bit more investigation showed, unfortunately, that many of the profiles are fake and have been automatically put together to make the site look busy. Most people do not reply because they simply do not exist.

Random users also started to contact us, asking for credit card numbers to chat, or trying to redirect us to other (paid) sites. Some of the “private messages” we received from different users were exactly the same, word for word, which only makes it more clear that this is an attempt at scamming users.

We tested sending messages to different people in different cities, and sure enough we received responses that were vague and identical. Clearly automated responses.

In the end, almost every contact we made on the site ended up being a fake.

This is also supported by various complaints received from our readers about Fling, pointing out similar issues.

In addition, we have received many complaints about unauthorized billings, and difficulties to cancel subscriptions.

Based on the above, we obviously recommend you to stay away from the site. Check our top 10 rankings for better online dating services.

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Stats on Fling.com

Fling.com is one of the largest adult personals sites...  See Full Summary

Membership Base Size

Active Members Estimate: 12,000,000

Male vs. Female Member Breakout: 72% men | 28% women

Geographic & Language Coverage:

  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • English
  • French (Français)
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Italian (Italiano)
  • Portuguese (Português)
  • Spanish (Español)

Relationship Type, Status and Needs Served:

Relationship Status(es): Single
Relationship Type(s):
  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Transsexual
Looking For: Hookup/ Casual Sex
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Last Updated: February 24, 2012

Free vs. Paid Access to Features

You can access 60% of the functionality on this site before payment is required.
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Basic Subscription Options

• 1 month subscription $24.95
• 3 month subscription $149.85 ($49.95/ month)

Premium Subscription Options

• 1 month subscription $19.90

Premium Upgrade Benefits and Pricing

Gold Membership Package

· Receive messages from any members on the site.
· Get priority ranking in profile searches so that more people discover you.
Cost: $9.95 for 2 week subscription ($19.90 / month).

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Pricing Data Last Updated: February 24, 2012

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2. Match Assessment/ Personality Test
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3. View Partial Profile
4. View Full Profile
5. Create Profile
Communication & Messaging
6. Send/ Receive Messages
7. Send/ Receive Messages
8. Send Icebreakers
(Flirt/ Winks/ Pokes/ Gifts)
9. Chat/ Instant Messaging
10. Video Chat
11. Forums/ Discussion Groups
Privacy & Safety
12. Block Other Members
13. View Who Visits Your Profile
14. Hide Visits to Others Profiles
Other Services
15. Dating Advice
16. People Nearby
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Most Helpful User Reviews

Fling.com 2012-02-25 11:05:51 Googled
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful

"Researched a,nd landed here"

Reviewed by Googled on February 25, 2012
I joined after seeing something on facebook and i thought it looked a bit strange, google it and landed here, glad i did my research.

Oh and thx for the review guys!

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Fling.com 2012-02-24 11:38:50 SCAM
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful


Reviewed by SCAM on February 24, 2012
yeah i couldnt agree more. its a scam they took more than 100 out of my account and i didnt even agree. so pissedoff!!!

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Fling.com 2012-06-12 15:52:33 Robert
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful


Reviewed by Robert on June 12, 2012
This site is just fake, im getting tons of mails, and i don't even have a picture and if you want to read each message, you have to pay for a subscription.

What a coincidence

Just stay way from it!

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