What is DatingWebsiteReview

Dating Websites Review™ was put together in late 2011 by a team of veterans of the dating industry with a vision.

"That someone (man or woman) with no experience with online dating sites can use them to get the results they are seeking within 3 to 6 months."

Online dating has become mainstream and completely socially acceptable whether you are looking for marriage, dating, casual or adult relationships. But there are so many dating sites out there with such varying quality, and most people don't know how to find the site to fulfill their needs or how to use the site effectively. Because of this up to 95% of people trying online dating don't end up with the result they are looking for. It doesn't need to be this way....

By getting better informed in two areas you can make sure you get the results you want, avoiding frustration, and making sure you don't waste time and money. These are:

  1. Find the best dating site for your specific needs and the result you desire.
  2. Learn some simple 'skills' and guidelines so you avoid online dating mistakes and make the most of the opportunity.

What we do here is all about finding ways to help you make the most of online dating. We find the best dating sites for you. We help you to learn how to use online dating effectively. Helping you to get the results you are looking for. 

We seek to provide the best and most unbiased information on dating sites and services possible, whether it be letting you know what dating sites and services are out there, how good each of them is or giving you more information about the dating companies that run these sites. 

We do this by providing you with support on three levels:

  1. Guidance on How to Date Online Successfully: We get you started on the path to success by giving you well researched and experimented advice on how to date online to get results (dates, ideal relationships, marriage partners, or hookups depending on what you want).
  2. Guiding you to the Best Dating Sites: We guide you to the best dating sites so that  you can find the right people suited to you and avoid scam. We provide the most comprehensive and credible reviews of dating sites and services on the Internet. Our ratings, rankings and awards have become recognized for their credibility in the dating industry. Our site contains comparison tools so that you can compare different dating websites on the criteria you are most interested in. This allows you to make informed decisions easily, rather than choosing a dating site blindly based on its marketing, or worse based on one of the many fake review sites out there.
  3. Access to Every Dating Site that Exists: Our database of dating sites and services contains every dating website and service that exists. It is updated continuously with the most recent comers to the market. If we don't have a dating site listed here, then simply put - it doesn't exist. You can be sure you're not missing anything.

We think of ourselves as the "Amazon.com" of Dating Sites and Services.

With one big difference. We provide you with much more hands-on guidance, advice and tools to help you get what you seek from online dating.  

We decided to launch Dating Websites Review because we saw that dating sites had matured and grown in number to a point where it became confusing for people trying to find a suitable service. In addition, there has been a lot of activity of scammers, ripoff artists and dating companies using 'fraudulent approaches' to get you to sign up and engage with their services (e.g. fake profiles, fake messages from people who don't really exist). There needed to be an unbiased portal to support people's search for a dating site that could deliver results for them and help them avoid the fraudulent activities taking place in the dating market. This is a bit of the background.

The quality of dating sites today varies from:

  • Genuine, professional and effective services that have connected thousands of people together, creating relationships and dating satisfaction. There are thousands of examples of people going from lonely to happily dating, married, building friendships or enjoying casual hookups with people seeking the same.
  • Terribly Ineffective or Often Fraudulent Sites and Services that will waste your time and money and possibly have you misled by one of the 'dating scams' aiming to con people out of money that have unfortunately become a big problem on the Internet.

Given the mass of information facing someone who wants to date online today it has become very difficult to find a service that simply delivers on its promises. Making informed decisions on dating sites has also become challenging due to a growth in 'fake review' sites.

DatingWebsitesReview™ helps prospective users of dating websites and services by resolving:

  • 1. "Information Overload":Dating site services on the Internet have grown into a very difficult to navigate mass. DatingWebsitesReview™ simplifies discovery and comparison of sites through its extensive coverage of the services available and its multi-criteria rankings system (i.e. you choose the criteria used for ranking).
  • 2. "Big Brand vs. Quality Service Focus" People who are new to online dating have probably seen a commercial on TV or an advert in the street for one specific site or service and are unaware of the wide variety of high quality sites out there that would be better suited to them. The media attention is concentrated around a few big brand names who spend a lot of money on PR agencies (eHarmony, Match.com, Chemistry.com, Zoosk etc.), ignoring the other quality sites outside of these. Newbies tend to make uninformed decisions and just sign up for one of the big brand services although there may be much better suited sites for their needs that are much better value for money. >DatingWebsitesReview™ enables you to find the less well-known brands that are widely recommended for their quality.

The content we provide on DatingWebsitesReview™ to you includes:

  • Editor Reviews: We have a team of experienced and independent (i.e. not biased by their own commercial incentives) reviewers who work daily on reviewing our growing index of all the dating sites and services available to you. They specialize by interest area on topics such as marriage dating, casual dating, international dating, religious dating and adult dating. Thanks to their experience of using and testing many dating sites, and their knowledge of online dating advice and what works they can give you an expert opinion on the effectiveness, or not, of a dating site or service.
  • User Reviews:You and many other users of dating sites and services collectively have a mass of knowledge on the quality of sites out there. You also have stories to tell about your experiences. That's why DatingWebsitesReview™ collects all your reviews. (it's like an amazon reviews service just for dating sites really)
  • Dating Site/ Service Information: Details on the functionality, pricing, geographic coverage, membership base statistics (how many, who uses it), and so on. This helps you to know exactly what you are signing up for and how relevant it is to you before you get started with it
  • Dating Company Information: Detailed information on the companies behind the dating sites, which dating sites they operate, their reputations, professionalism and news on their activities.

To find out more about the founders and editors of DatingWebsitesReview™, read our bios.

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