We encourage dating site owners/ companies to co-operate with Dating Websites Review™ to ensure that their portfolio of sites are present in the Dating Websites Review (BoDS) database, that their information is correct and well represented.

There are six ways you can help us to help you:

  • 1. Submission of Dating Sites: If you own a dating site that is not already listed on Dating Websites Review contact at support@datingwebsitesreview.net with a link to its web address and any information you have on it (e.g. pricing, features, active membership base etc.). Your site/ service will be added within 1 week of submission.
  • 2. Modification of Dating Site Information: Dating Websites Review™ editors are very careful in getting our facts correct. However, in any system human errors are bound to turn up. If you identify some information that is incorrect related to your sites please contact support@datingwebsitesreview.net.
  • 3. Encourage User Reviews: You can help yourself by asking users of your sites to post their unbiased reviews and testimonials on DatingWebsitesReview.net. Dating Site companies typically do this by reaching out to their email list with a link to their site's page and asking their users to post a review on it. Others have posted on their blogs or placed announcements on their sites asking users of their products to post reviews.
  • 4. News: We encourage you to send or contact us with any news on your sites (e.g. upcoming features to be released, launch of a new dating site or service, significant events etc.). To submit news contact us on support@datingwebsitesreview.net.

There are strict rules for the participation of product owners on Dating Websites Review™. These have been established to ensure that mischievous dating site owners do not attempt to corrupt or bias the information, and as a result jeopeordize its credibility. This would clearly devalue the information for DatingWebsitesReview.net's users.

So whilst we encourage you to collaborate with us to present your product in its true light, any attempt to manipulate data or bias it is scorned upon and can result in legal action or simply reducing the exposure of your site on DatingWebsitesReview.net™ to protect our users (see our terms of use).

Breaking any of these rules will results in the dating site owner/ company being banned from Dating Websites Review and, depending on the severity of the situation, a fraudulent tag with an explanation of the 'negative' activities that the dating site owner has undertaken will be placed on their products.

Ultimately these rules are not here to persecute you, we encourage a very healthy collaboration with dating site owners, but our first 'priority' will always be maintaining the quality of information and its credibility for our users on DatingWebsitesReview.net.

These rules are:

  • 1. User Reviews: Dating Site owners/ companies are prohibited from submitting user reviews in any shape or form. Whether it be for their own sites or those of other site owners/ companies.
  • 2. Responding to Negative Reviews: Please see how you can respond to negative reviews via our owner response process.

For a full explanation of how you can use and not use our site see our terms of use.

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