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"Amazing. So useful that I come back to read this book whenever I'm back to online dating. It's my bible. And I really appreciate that you give this away for free. You guys are the best...."
- Greg N., New York, U.S.

This Free manual takes you step by step through the online dating process and ensures you avoid the biggest common mistakes...

You Will Learn:
  • How to select the best dating site specifically for your needs. This is the key to getting a return on the investment of time and/ or money you will make and getting the end result you want (dates, relationships, girlfriend/ boyfriend, marriage or other).
  • How to write a good profile. Most profiles online are terrible. Avoid the mistakes that turn people away and stop you being reflected in the best light (required to get results).
  • Avoid sites with fake profiles and scammers. An unfortunate reality of dating sites today is the numerous scams and fake profiles or messages. Learn which sites have these issues, and how to assess whether a profile is real and genuine (green light) or fake (red light - ignore).
  • The best photos to use in profiles. Scientific research shows that photos make the biggest impact on how many messages, dates and connections you get. Don't ignore this fact - work with it. Use our specific guidelines on creating or selecting photos that will maximize your results.

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