You can find the top rated dating sites customized to your needs by looking at the rankings of sites and services according to different features.

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  • By Geography / Location (Where you are): Where do you live? or spend most of your time? Dating sites have membership bases of users typically stronger in some countries, states or even cities than others. Some dating sites target specific countries or cities only. To maximize the number of people you can meet nearby, choose based on this criteria.. 
  • By Ethnicity/ Nationality: Are you attracted to or interested in a partner from a specific nationality or ethnic origin? Asian, african black, caucasian, latino etc. Perhaps you only want to date people of the same nationality as you, or you are looking to date interracially. Many dating sites target specific ethnicities or even matching of different ethnicities and cultures to each other (interracial dating).
  • By ReligionAre you of a religion and would like to date people of the same? Whether you are of Jewish, Christian, Muslim or another religion there are many dating sites that provide communities for religious dating.