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Editor review 2012-02-27 18:14:19 Morgan Clear
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"The Best Option for Christians"


The Good: Serious, religious userbase looking for committed relationships or marriage
The Bad: Interface could use a little freshening up
The Bottom Line: After reviewing the other sites specializing in Christian dates, we recommend ChristianMingle as the best choice out there at this point.
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February 27, 2012
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March 01, 2012

Detailed Review

A Specialized Site for Believers

For Christians who would prefer to date a fellow believer, a specialized dating site is a must. On most mainstream sites, there is no option to point out your religion, or it’s not very clear on the profiles, so you can end up wasting a lot of time.

By joining a specialized niche site like ChristianMingle, you already know that all members are Christians and share your values, which is a big advantage.

ChristianMingle homepage

ChristianMingle was created in 1996, so they were a pioneer in this niche market, and they’ve served Christians online for a long time. How well do they deliver? Let’s find out.

Targeted Registration Questionnaire

During the registration process, various questions are asked of you that are specific to this Christian site. For example “What church were you raised into?” (see pic) (You have the choice between Anglican, Apostolic, Baptist, Catholic, and more). Or “How many times do you pray?”; etc etc.

ChristianMingle - Questions for Christians

The idea here is to map out your religious values and habits, as well as your lifestyle, so that ChristianMingle can later match you with someone who is a good match for you.

After registration, you will have the chance to go “deeper” by taking the “Compass” personality test, which further refines your specific personality traits and help ChristianMingle do better matching.

We advise you to be truthful during the process, as the compatibility of your matches will depend on it.

Quality Members

During our test, we found that the profiles on ChristianMingle were all real, decent people, most of them looking for long-term relationship or marriage with a person of faith.

The site has a vibrant community and active forums and chat rooms. Bibles studies and discussions groups are popular, as are forums about hobbies, health and fitness and other common topics. A new Bible verse is displayed on your homepage every day, which is a nice touch.

As a free member, you can freely search, look at profiles and read the forums, which is pretty good to get a feel of whether the site is a good fit for you. To initiate contact with another user who interest you, you’ll need to buy a subscription.


After reviewing the other sites specializing in Christian dates in 2012, we recommend ChristianMingle as the best choice out there at this date.

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Stats on

Christian Mingle is a site aiming to facilitate connections between christians of different types for marriage, friendship and general dating. It was founded in 1996, and as such is one of the longest running dating sites.

It has ties to the community for christians whi...  See Full Summary

Membership Base Size

Active Members Estimate: 1,000,000

Male vs. Female Member Breakout: 41% men | 59% women

Geographic & Language Coverage:

North America: U.S.A.

Relationship Type, Status and Needs Served:

Relationship Status(es):
  • Single
  • Divorced

Relationship Type(s): Straight
Looking For:
  • Dating
  • Long Term/ Serious Relationship
  • Marriage
  • Marriage & Children
  • Friendship
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Last Updated: February 27, 2012

Free vs. Paid Access to Features

You can access 73% of the functionality on this site before payment is required.
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Basic Subscription Options

• 1 month subscription $29.99
• 3 month subscription $50.97 ($16.99/ month)
• 6 Month subscription $83.94 ($13.99/ month)

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8. Send Icebreakers
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9. Chat/ Instant Messaging
10. Video Chat
11. Forums/ Discussion Groups
Privacy & Safety
12. Block Other Members
13. View Who Visits Your Profile
14. Hide Visits to Others Profiles
Other Services
15. Dating Advice
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Most Helpful User Reviews 2012-02-27 19:31:21 Linda
1 of 3 people found the following review helpful

"Second chance"

Reviewed by Linda on February 27, 2012
After I divorced my ex husband, I knew I didn’t want to be with a non-believer anymore. If you don't put God in your life first and be strong in Him, then can a relationship last?

I couldn’t find anyone in my local community so for 2011 I wanted to try something different. I went online to try to find a faithful husband. I joined in January 2011 and started dating a good man in April after a few dates that went nowhere. In a few weeks we will celebrate our one year anniversary, and start planning our wedding for next year.

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