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Editor review 2012-02-23 09:49:58 Morgan Clear
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"Great Matching, Large Userbase, Active Users"


The Good: Ease of use; large, serious userbase; no wasted time thanks to good matches submitted for you; science-based matching algorithm to find compatible dates
The Bad: Limited free browsing of profiles; more expensive than; website navigation could be improved; some profiles are dead/dormant due to inactive users
The Bottom Line: For busy professionals or people who like a structured experience and personalized matching, Chemistry is a solid, serious option.
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February 23, 2012
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March 11, 2012

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Scientific Matching Tools

As of January 2012, Chemistry has our highest recommendation, and is an Editor's Pick. As our regular readers know, we can be picky about who we recommend, so what makes Chemistry special? is a sister site of, the oldest dating site. Chemistry clearly benefits from the resources of Match, but has a unique and new approach, different from the dating sites of the old generation. homepage

What is the innovation here? Chemistry uses science and matching tools to handpick your matches for you. The idea of course is to save you a great deal of time and frustration, by showing you good matches exclusively. No more browsing endlessly through thousands of random profiles.

To deliver on that promise, the matching tools better be accurate! Chemistry's system is based on Dr. Helen Fisher's anthropology research and recent science about the laws of attraction:

Chemistry matches based on scientific research

In-Depth Questionnaire

Chemistry’s initial questionaire has a lot of original and deep questions. Question will touch on your relationship history, hobbies, and what you look for in a match. personality question

With some of the questions, you can say what you look for in a match; what is required, desirable, unacceptable, etc:

Chemistry - your criteria for a match

The questionnaire will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The site tries to perform a deep personality assessment to really understand who you are. You will be classified under a specific name that broadly defines your personality (for instance you might be a “negotiator", a “planner" or a “builder"). Then just let the Chemistry matching algorithm work its magic, and you’ll be paired with people who will naturally complement you.

Looking at Matches
When you review a potential match, you can instantly see what he/she is looking for, and how well you fit his/her criteria. We really like how clear and easy this is: - what a match looks for

For each profile you see, you’ll also see an indicator of how much chemistry you have. This helps in deciding who to focus on first. You get a page full of information on your match and a helpful visual comparison with yourself:

Example of a Chemistry match page

Part of the page for example helps you see at a glance how many interests you have in common: – Shared interests with matches

You are also able to do your own search on Chemistry, if you like to go beyond the matches offered to you today. You can freely browse through profiles, all preselected as good matches for you, based on your answers to Chemistry’s questionnaire. matches

Chemistry provides a range of tools to facilitate contact, such as private messaging, chat and IM. It also provides “icebreaking" shortcuts (winks, etc) to help you make the first move, and quizzes to help members find common ground.

One small problem we had: sometimes the search seemed to forget our matching criteria; it might propose people outside of our specified geographic area or out of our age preferences. However this only happened occasionally and not often enough to be annoying. Maybe just a temporary bug. Reloading the search would always solve the problem.

We particularly like the Facebook or Twitter-style live-stream on your main page, which has updates on what changes in the profiles of members in your area. This is an helpful and fun way to get in touch and/or notice interesting members, and comment on a new photo or change in status, which we found works quite well to break the ice or re-initiate contact.

Our Recommendation

Overall, if you add up the active and large userbase, the great matching and the ease-of-use, Chemistry is probably the best option out there. The regular TV ads also keep bringing in new members, so you'll never lack of new people to talk to, no matter where you live.

As of January 2012, Chemistry has our highest recommendation, and is an Editor's Pick.

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Stats on is another InterActive Corp dating site (the owner of and was founded in 2002. It is often compared to eharmony because of its focus on matching personalities.

Chemistry makes heavy use of personality questionnaires and assessment to match you to other mem...  See Full Summary's

Membership Base Size

Active Members Estimate: 1,400,000

Male vs. Female Member Breakout: 48% men | 52% women

Geographic & Language Coverage:

North America:
  • U.S.A.
  • Canada
Europe: United Kingdom (UK)

Relationship Type, Status and Needs Served:

Relationship Status(es): Single
Relationship Type(s): Straight
Looking For:
  • Dating
  • Long Term/ Serious Relationship
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Last Updated: February 23, 2012

Free vs. Paid Access to Features

You can access 78% of the functionality on this site before payment is required.
(See feature breakout)

Basic Subscription Options

• 1 month subscription $49.95
• 3 month subscription $99.96 ($33.32/ month)
• 6 Month subscription $159.9 ($26.65/ month)

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diner's International

Pricing Data Last Updated: February 23, 2012

Feature When You Can Access it
Match & Search
1. Search Profiles
2. Match Assessment/ Personality Test
Creating & Viewing Profiles
3. View Partial Profile
4. View Full Profile
5. Create Profile
Communication & Messaging
6. Send/ Receive Messages
7. Send/ Receive Messages
8. Send Icebreakers
(Flirt/ Winks/ Pokes/ Gifts)
9. Chat/ Instant Messaging
10. Video Chat
11. Forums/ Discussion Groups
Privacy & Safety
12. Block Other Members
13. View Who Visits Your Profile
14. Hide Visits to Others Profiles
Other Services
15. Dating Advice
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Most Helpful User Reviews 2012-02-27 19:14:58 Coffeedate
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful

"Coffee dates"

Reviewed by Coffeedate on February 27, 2012
I like that Chemistry suggests a place for dates, it takes a lot of the guesswork out. Also it's always a Starbucks, I don't know if they have a deal with them or what, but anyway I like coffee dates. It's easy and quick if it doesn't go well, and you can stay for hours if it does go well...

Somehow I wouldn't feel good suggesting a coffee date (worrying the lady maybe want dinner?) but Chemistry helps with the option of suggesting a location that makes sense for you both, location-wise.

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 Reply to this review (0) 2012-02-24 10:27:37 music4u
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful

"Really nice"

Reviewed by music4u on February 24, 2012
I'm not super conservative, but a bit on the traditional side (raised in a Catholic school, etc). I wanted to try online dating but didn't want to be on a site with dirty pictures and the like. I saw some of the free sites at my friend's home, and oh my god. Well Eharmony doesn't have any of that. I can't compare to other sites because I only use eharmony, but at least I know here I'm safe. Decent men to talk to as well. Not bad experiences yet. Fingers crossed!

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 Reply to this review (0) 2012-02-25 10:27:35 Klz
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful

"incredible matching"

Reviewed by Klz on February 25, 2012
the matching stuff kinda blew my mind, i got to talk to a lady and we connected straight away. beats going out to bars and trying to talk to ppl at random i think.

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 Reply to this review (0) 2012-02-23 11:24:26 Jp
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful


Reviewed by Jp on February 23, 2012
Last updated: February 24, 2012
Chemistry works for me, not in a relationship yet but it's getting close; the only thing is I wish their customer support were a bit more reactive; other than that, it's good!

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