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Editor review 2012-02-27 18:09:46 Peter Tomerson
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"Largest Thai Userbase By Far. Professionally Run. The Best Option for Thai Dating."


The Good: Easy sign-up; simple interface; massive active audience with lots of communication; largest Thai women userbase by far
The Bad: Normal pics you submit sometimes do not get approved, for no apparent reason
The Bottom Line: Clearly the best website for foreign men interested in meeting Thai women, or for Thai women wanting to meet foreign men. In numbers of members and quality of users, ThaiLoveLinks is head and shoulders above the rest.
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February 27, 2012
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March 22, 2012

Detailed Review

A Safe, Easy Way to Meet Thai Women?

If you have travelled or lived in Thailand for a while, you have witnessed first-hand the beauty of Thai women. You have probably marveled at the beauty of simple, everyday girls, waiting in the BTS or shopping around the malls in Siam.

The problem is, they are not easy to approach for the average foreigner. Does she speak any English? Is she single? How does she feel about talking to a stranger in public? Does she even want to date a foreigner?

Luckily, these days there is a shortcut used by more and more expats and tourists: online dating. Using an English-speaking site takes out most of the guesswork. You are guaranteed that the girls will speak decent English, be single, and probably willing (or eager!) to date a "farang" (foreigner).

It's also a more relaxed, discreet and comfortable environment to speak with potential partners.

A Little-Know Site That Is the Expats' "Secret Weapon"

Now, if you have tried any of the foreign-based dating sites such as, you will know they do not work in Thailand. They do little advertising here and only have a few hundred members living in the country - most of them men. They are a waste of time and money.

But there is a little-known site where hundreds of thousands of Thai girls actively look for foreign partners. This site is not heavily advertised, yet it has been the talk of town in the last year or so, and growing rapidly. It's a site that expats "in the know" give to their friends when they come to the Land of Smiles.

The site is called ThaiLoveLinks, and it specializes in helping Western men to meet Thai women. The first time we heard about it was when a German friend gave us a tip. He had met his long-term girlfriend on ThaiLoveLinks and couldn't stop raving about the site. He basically laughed (a big German laugh!) and said: "Get in before every expat does! It's that good!". And with that, he slammed his beer on the table and laughed again.

So, does ThaiLoveLinks live up to its reputation? Here is our detailed review.

Thailovelinks homepage
Spoiled for Choice!

We found registering on ThaiLoveLinks to be quick and easy. It took us about 5 minutes. Once on the site, you can instantly start to explore and browse women's profiles.

We thought the search was fairly basic, and the “matching" does not always give the best results. This is not a big issue however: the best way is to do a simple search and browse the many profiles on your own. Search displays a large page of profile pictures, so you can click on those you feel attracted to, and read their profile further. You can then message the ones you like. Really quite an easy and fun process.

Thailovelinks search results
We recommend you post several pictures of yourself, as this helps improve the responses you'll get. Approval of pictures is very quick, within 3 hours. And most profiles (men or women) have multiple pics, which is good because it gives you a better idea of how a woman REALLY looks (not that you have to worry too much about overweight girls on a Thai website!).

Thailovelinks users have multiplephotos
You can browse profiles for free but can’t communicate with non-paying users until your pay for a subscription, although you can message Gold members for free. Once you have become a paid member, you can instantly message or private message any members, including non-paying ones. While some Thai women have a subscription, most of them do not.

A nice upside of ThaiLoveLinks is that women tend to be very active. On many Western dating sites, it can be hard to even get a reply from many women, especially the most beautiful ones. On ThaiLoveLinks, you will get a reply almost every time, and on top of that, many women will take the first step and message you first. In fact, our inbox was quickly filled with messages and "winks" from ThaiLoveLinks girls:

Thailovelinks users are active and send email messages
You can also use the "online now" function to chat with members instantly. There are usually several thousands women available for chatting instantly. We found the English level of Thai women to be pretty good - definitely enough for easy communication.

Thailovelinks online now members
A Look at Hard Numbers - ThaiLoveLinks Head and Shoulders Above The Rest

We started to get so many messages and winks that we got a bit curious about how big the userbase was compared to other sites we reviewed before…where things were, let's say, much quieter!

I'm not much of an Excel wizard, so our senior editor Jeremy ran some numbers for us. It turns out ThaiLoveLinks has twice as many members as the other Thai dating sites combined. Wow.

Thailovelinks - double the members compared to other Thai dating sites

It gets better though, if you look at the male to female ratio. This is a big problem on other Thai dating sites - too many men, not enough women. But this is not an issue on ThaiLoveLinks. We found that it has 14 times more women than the nearest competing site. In fact, ThaiLoveLinks has…get this… 78% of the women across all Thai dating sites!

Thailovelinks thai women on dating sites

No wonder we were getting more results on ThaiLoveLinks! I think the graphs Jeremy put together kind of speak for themselves.

Legit Members - Normal, Everyday Girls Looking for Love

While you may expect a site like this to have some scam profiles or a high number of "professional" women, we found the women on ThaiLoveLinks to be very legit overall. In the last few months, we had a lot of chats which confirmed ThaiLoveLinks women were simple, everyday girls, looking for a good relationship with a decent guy.

One woman worked for Nestlé in Bangkok. One was a receptionist in a law firm. One owned a small clothes store. Another one was a designer. So there is a good mix with girls from a variety of educational backgrounds, personalities and interests. While there are women from their late teens to their 60s, the majority are in their twenties and thirties.

Many are the kind of "good girls" who do not like going to discos or bars, but just want to find a nice guy to spend time with.

Some of these women would like to date a foreigner but stay in Thailand, while some dream of moving abroad. Most seem to be quite flexible either way, as long as they like you.

Thailovelinks – testimonial on site
A Local Site, Backed by a Large International Company

While they have a local team focusing on Thailand, ThaiLoveLinks is owned by CupidMedia, a specialist of the Asian market which owns other sites in China, Japan, Korea and the Philippines.

CupidMedia is one of the largest dating companies in the world, with over 20 million customers. So the people behind ThaiLoveLinks have a lot of experience in this type of market, and it really shows. The interface is professional and easy to navigate. As we mentioned, profiles are legit and scammers seem to be kept at bay. Payment is also safe and secure, and customer support is quick to help you with any question.

The Bottom Line: ThaiLoveLinks Has Our Recommendation

ThaiLoveLinks was our first review of a CupidMedia website, and a good surprise. We didn’t expect it to be that good. The quality of the women on the site is high, and a male member should get more than enough messages, winks and replies to be spoiled for choice.

We warmly recommend the site to those interested in meeting Thai women. Given the data we shared in this review, there is no doubt it is the best choice to meet Thai women online.

Want to check out for yourself what all the fuss is about? Click on the button below to visit ThaiLoveLinks and sign-up for a free trial (no credit card needed):

Go to

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Thai Love Links, launched in 2001, is the oldest dating site dedicated to connecting Western men with Thai women. It is one of the dating sites run by Cupid Media, a company operating a large dating site network globally.

The site is very popular and has continued to grow in popula...  See Full Summary's
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Most Helpful User Reviews 2012-02-22 13:06:12 Brad
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful

"Good when you become a member"

Reviewed by Brad on February 22, 2012
You do need to become a member to contact people, so it's not free, but you can join for free (and give it a try). I tried to browse profiles for free for one day, and I thought it was worth paying because there are a lot of nice girls there. By now I've been a member for 3 months, and it's been worth it :) I would recommend it if you live in Thailand or plan to move there.

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 Reply to this review (0) 2012-01-22 10:47:11 Fabrice
5 of 11 people found the following review helpful

"Favorite dating site in Thailand"

Reviewed by Fabrice on January 22, 2012
I use this site mostly when I travel to Thailand for work but I've been a member for over a year. I've met many really great girls and stay in contact with a few in Bangkok and one in Chiangmai. It works for me so i haven't looked at the other sites. I know one of my friends was using badoo but he never actually met anyone in real life from it lol.. I keep telling him he's missing out.

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 Reply to this review (0) 2011-08-22 19:29:52 David G.
4 of 6 people found the following review helpful

"I was blown away by the choice and how approachable the girls were."

Reviewed by David G. on August 22, 2011
Last year I signed up for to see if I could meet some interesting women for friendship, dating and maybe more. It didn't last long and quickly put an end to my efforts online as there were so few girls I was interested in on there. I met one girl and then gave up.

So I'd given up on dating websites in Thailand thinking they were all empty. Luckily I came across Thai love links a couple of months ago. My experience of this site has been fantastic. I've met plenty of girls, made a bunch of friends, been dating every week and am now getting more serious with a nurse I met on the site. We get a long great.

I wish I'd come across Thai love links first. If you're a single guy and looking in Thailand it's like winning the lottery!

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